How did you decide to open the second shop in OKC? 

Justin Sowers

I had moved to NW OKC 2006 and was commuting to Norman each day to work at the Norman store, which had moved from Crawford to Main Street in 2005. One day I drove by 36th & Western and noticed that it was for rent. Travis and I had been talking about opening a shop in OKC for the past year or so, and this seemed the perfect location. Much like our Crawford location, it needed a lot of work, but the location was great and the price was right. Our second location opened in May of 2007.

Travis Searle

Justin and his wife Julie moved to Oklahoma City in 2006 and he was commuting to work at the shop 5 or 6 days a week. Our inventory continued to grow and we realized we were maybe missing out on an opportunity to do what we do in a much larger city. We talked about opening a second location for several months in early 2007 before happening to drive past the intersection of NW 36th and Western one day and noticing a ‘For Rent’ sign in the window. We made an appointment to look at it the following day and signed a lease on the spot. It took about a month to get the storefront in the shape we wanted and to build out the fixtures and counter. We took out a loan to make substantial new stock orders and split off a fair amount of inventory out of Norman and voila, Guestroom OKC was born. Special thanks to Matt H. for covering a ton of our shifts in Norman while we were getting the shop up and running.