How has Record Store Day impacted your stores?  

Travis Searle

Guestroom Records has participated in Record Store Day every year since it began in 2008 and the growth has been exponential and incredible. Ultimately, there are several variables for the success of Guestroom individually and record stores across the world in general. RSD is undeniably one of them. The idea of having a nationally branded day to celebrate local record stores that works with labels, distributors, bands, promotion companies and stores seemed farfetched in the earliest days but has become a behemoth worldwide over 11 years. We aim to please our customers, so, for us, RSD is not only about the limited edition releases. We really have tried to make it a party each year to celebrate ourselves and our dedicated AND brand new customers. It’s one of my favorite days of each year…but it’s an awful lot of work to coordinate.

Will Muir 

RSD has really done a lot to increase the visibility of record shops in general and has certainly given us a boost. Much like a birthday, it’s a celebration that I look forward to every year. I think for some of our customers, it’s like a family reunion. They get together every third week of April to hang out with friends in our store and celebrate our shared love for music.

Justin Sowers

RSD has been a great experience for us, and we’ve been participating since the very first year. RSD gives us a holiday every year to remind our customers why record stores are important. Record Store Day has raised the profile of independent record stores both to customers and the general public, invigorating the industry and giving us an excuse to throw a party every year.